About Us

We Care About The little One

After 20 years of experience in the field of baby accessory products, we created our own brand that is now known as Baboo.

Our team includes accomplished engineers, paediatricians, and customer service experts. Everyone in Baboo team have raised, or are raising, our own children and believe that Baboo production is just what we looked for during this wonderful yet challenging experience.

While we strive to create products that implement the newest technologies and research, our main focus stays on the highest quality that is uncompromised, close to nature and that will last. We made this accessible to every household.

Baboo’s simplified products don’t mean simple production. We are always working on testing and researching: the needs of parents and parents to be, as well as the newest technology. However, we choose to keep this part behind the curtains and present you with easy to use products.

Choose Baboo, because we care. We care about the well being of your little one, and about your time with your baby.