Baboo Breast Milk Storage Bags (25 pcs)

Suitable for freezing
2 safety zips
Designed for easy pouring

Baboo bags for storing breast milk have been designed considering modern mothers’ needs and trends. Particularly sterile, airtight, and capacious bags for safe storage of breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer.

Features of storage bags:
• Special funnel-shaped design for convenient pouring of milk into the bottle.
• Each bag is sterilised.
• Pack size is 25 pcs. USAGE: Write down useful information on the bag. Open the bag by tearing off the strip at the marked place above the double compressible part of the bag. Open the bag and spread the bottom of the bag for a stable self-stand. Keep the bag sterile: do not put your fingers inside the bag. Pour milk into the bag. The maximum amount of milk is 250 ml. Allow excess air to escape from the bag and seal it tightly. Store the breast milk bag in the fridge or freezer. Storage guidelines are on the packaging. HOW TO DEFROST MILK: 1A-2B Thaw the milk by transferring frozen milk from the freezer to the fridge. 2 Warm the milk to about 37 °C by immersing in warm water. 3 Cut the funnel of the bag in the marked place and pour the milk into a sterile feeding bottle. Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding.

Weight 0.111 kg
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 5 cm

25 pcs.


Milk Storage Bags

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