Baboo Toothbrush Set (2 pcs), 6+ Months

The oral care kit is designed to teach your child how to clean teeth step by step. The kit consists of 3 parts: gum massager, first toothbrush and protective ring.

1st stage. Gum massager (from 6 to 8 months) has a round head with soft and durable bristles on both sides. It gently massages the gums and helps to reduce the pain of growing teeth. Soft massage can be done by parents or by the kid himself, just basically chewing the head of massager and using as a teether. 2nd stage. Toothbrush (from 8 to 12 months) has a small head with soft and durable bristles which gently clean first little teeth and easily massage the gums. Children learn to make correct movements while brushing their teeth at the same time. The protective ring prevents brush from penetrating too deeply into child’s mouth. Besides, it can be used as a brush holder.
• Very soft toothbrush bristles
• Design of the brush was created so that it can be held both by parents and child’s little palms
• Develops the first oral care habits
• Specially designed bristles to reduce uncomfortable feeling of growing teeth
• Made from safe materials, BPA free.
• Recommended for babies from 6 months. Care instructions: do not boil or rinse with boiling water. Do not sterilize in a microwave, do not steam with sterilizer, otherwise the product might be damaged. Attention: use a protective ring. Insert it from the side of the brush head and lock it until it clicks. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is recommended to change toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months.

Weight 0.013 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 2 cm

6+ Months




2 pcs.



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